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Message from the Past President

Message from the President
Amcham President

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the Slating Committee, the outgoing Board and most importantly to you, our members, for appointing me to this prestigious office as the President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Sri Lanka for the ensuing year 2013/14.

AmCham has come a long way during the past 3 years to be recognized as an active and vibrant Chamber in this country. It is no doubt that the credit should be given to the successive Boards who have sacrificed their valuable time away from their regular jobs to bring this Chamber to the prestigious position that it is in today.Furthermore we should not forget the very important role played by the US Embassy in assisting us to be what we are today.

My board and I will continue the same trend as our predecessors while we hope to bring in new thoughts and ideas as we go along to further enhance AmCham’s footprint in Sri Lanka.

We will ensure continuity of the activities in key areas such as development of trade and investment, Intellectual property Rights, Lobbying and Advocacy and maintaining close and friendly working relationships with both the US Embassy and various establishments of the Government of Sri Lanka in a manner that would benefit AmCham members in particular and business investments between USA and Sri Lanka in general.

I would also like to emphasize that AMCHAM has various committees dealing in the activities of the major economic sectors such as Banking and Finance, Tourism, IT etc. AmCham will continue the work of these committees and take this opportunity to invite more members to join these committees so that it will not only benefit the member companies within the specific economic sectors but the industry in general.

We welcome new suggestions and ideas from our members and would be delighted to put together new groups to handle specific target areas that may need attention to further strengthen the economic and trade relations with the US.

I ensure that we will stay committed to support you in your business growth plans and any other trade related services that members may require from the chamber from time to time.

Suren Rajanathan
American Chamber of Commerce in Sri Lanka.

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