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“Celebrate! Lessons learned from the World’s most admired organizations”-AmCham Luncheon Meeting with Scott Friedman

The American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) Sri Lanka in partnership with the International Speakers’ Bureau recently hosted a luncheon meeting with Scott Friedman, an international speaker and author.

Scott addressed the membership on “Celebrate! Lessons learned from the world’s most admired organizations”, an entertaining, interactive and content rich session on how to create a culture of celebration leading to more innovative, authentic and responsive employees.

“Understanding the needs of employees will not only impact employee engagement, it will also attract the best employees to want to work for you,” said  Friedman 

Furthermore Scotts presentation focused on how employees should stop worrying about the past and future and learn to thrive in the present,quit focusing on what doesnt work and build on what does,create a culture of innovation and celebration,develop a "celebration mentality" based on gratitude,play and surprise,harness the power of gratitude and create happier employees and customers,create fun rituals,innovative rules which foster more open and engaging workplaces etc.